What are camper shells?

Answer Camper shells are rigid structural enclosures that can be installed over the rear bed of a pickup truck to provide storage or camping space. Most fit snug with the cab and rise to the same height, ... Read More »

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How much are Dodge Ram camper shells?

Dodge Ram camper shells vary in price depending on the year. For example, a camper shell for a 1994 Dodge starts at $545.95, while one for 2008 starts at $689.95.References:Auto Anything

Are camper shells from tennessee?

Manufacturers across the United States produce camper shells for trucks, but none are located in Tennessee. Major shell manufacturers include A.R.E. in Massillon, Ohio and LEER, with manufacturing ... Read More »

Information on Camper Running Lights for a '67 Camper?

Sparking wires and flickering lights is not what you want to see on your next camping vacation. Before leaving, it may be time for a safety check and repair of your vintage camper's electrical syst... Read More »

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