What are calcium deposits in the fingernails?

Answer While calcium deficiency has become a buzzword in the health world, excessive calcium may do more harm than good. Calcium deposits in the fingernails indicate an imbalance of this substance in the ... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Calcium Deposits Under Fingernails?

Calcium deposits often appear as white dots or smears on the fingernail surface. A person whose fingernails are cloaked with these spots should find ways to increase his daily calcium intake. Calci... Read More »

Help! Are these Calcium deposits?

Ah, go to a doctor. You get calcium deposits on and close to bones, not fleshy tissue like your lips. They might not be anything, but better safe than sorry.

How to Remove Calcium Deposits?

Calcium deposits on the body's tendons, known as calcific tendonitis, can be painful, and even debilitating in severe cases. The deposits most commonly affect the shoulder, although they can appear... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Calcium Deposits Under the Eyes?

Removing calcium deposits is not always recommended, depending on the size of the calcium deposits and on the person. Calcium deposits in the pores of the face under the eyes can be especially diff... Read More »