What are calcium deposits in the fingernails?

Answer While calcium deficiency has become a buzzword in the health world, excessive calcium may do more harm than good. Calcium deposits in the fingernails indicate an imbalance of this substance in the ... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Calcium Deposits Under Fingernails?

Calcium deposits often appear as white dots or smears on the fingernail surface. A person whose fingernails are cloaked with these spots should find ways to increase his daily calcium intake. Calci... Read More »

What are calcium deposits in the breast?

Breast calcifications---deposits of calcium found within the breast---are located in your breast tissue. Usually, breast calcifications are so small that you can barely feel them. On mammograms, th... Read More »

What Causes Calcium Deposits and Calcification?

Calcium is an essential mineral for bone and tooth health. When calcium is deposited in other places in the body it is called calcification. Some calcification is common and can only be identified ... Read More »

How do you remove calcium deposits?

Calcium can be broken down with an acidic solution of some kind. There are cleaning agents sold which are made specifically for this.You can remove calcium deposits using baking soda and white vine... Read More »