What are brown spots on your neck?

Answer Our skin has specialized cells that release substances into the skin surface to protect our bodies from the sun's harmful rays. Dark spots on the skin, also called sun spots, may be due to overprod... Read More »

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What Are Small Brown Spots on the Neck?

Does a glance in the mirror leave you feeling sad, depressed or a bit angry with yourself for not listening to your mother? Stay out of the sun, wear a hat, always use sunscreen; her sage advice wo... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on your Face?

This is a dermatologist approach to remove brown spots from your face. The results will be dramatic. Before more invasive procedures are recommended, this at home regimen is usually ordered first.... Read More »

How to Remove Brown Spots From Your Face?

Dark patches can develop on the face when unprotected skin becomes exposed to the sun. These dark spots are called solar lentigenes, more commonly known as sun spots. Sun spots can easily be preven... Read More »

How to Diminish Brown Spots on Your Face The Cheap Way?

Learn The Cheapest Safest Way To DiminishBrown Spots. This is safe Natural and Works. Does this Spark an idea?