Which is betterFull-cup bras or Half-cup bras?

Answer A half cup bra that's over filled!!

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What Is in Gel Filled Bras?

Ever since the first patent was issued for a brassiere in 1914, men and women have been trying to perfect it. The latest entry into the bra market is the use of gel-filled bras to boost a woman's c... Read More »

How to Design Bras?

There are many elements that make a bra perfect for a female body. The cup size, the band, the underwire, the center panel and the straps are all things that you should take into consideration when... Read More »

How many nursing bras do you need?

I have got 5...that includes 3 night-time bras...THEY ARE THE BEST! I still leak (after 5 months) so I need to change it nightly.

About Push Up Bras?

Bras can be naughty or nice, functional or flimsy, saucy or sweet. Push up bras in particular veer toward the naughtier side of the argument, designed to thrust the breasts upward for an alluring d... Read More »