Which is betterFull-cup bras or Half-cup bras?

Answer A half cup bra that's over filled!!

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What Is in Gel Filled Bras?

Ever since the first patent was issued for a brassiere in 1914, men and women have been trying to perfect it. The latest entry into the bra market is the use of gel-filled bras to boost a woman's c... Read More »

Why do we need training bras What can we teach them?

I personally think a slingshot would of worked as well..but it did not have the lace and the little rosette on the front. You had to have the little rosette.

What ever happened to real bras that aren't foam shaped?

It kinda hurts to wear a non-padded bra if you have large breasts though. Especially if your doing physical work like running or anything involving jumping. While some padded bras aren't shaped cor... Read More »

What do you do when your adopted preteen son steals mothers underwear and bras and cuts them?

im 13 and i think that's gross. but anyways, just simply give em a talk sayin don't do that. make sure u say u love them at the end. its optional about grounding them though. I would if i was in ur... Read More »