What are bowling lanes made of?

Answer Modern bowling lanes are made of a synthetic phenolic resin, an industrial laminated plastic, instead of solid maple hardwood. The synthetic material is much harder, denser and more durable than ha... Read More »

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What type of wood are bowling lanes made of?

While most bowling lanes are made from synthetic materials, the front of wood bowling lanes are made from maple. The back of wood bowling lanes are made from pine. Wood bowling lanes require mainte... Read More »

What wood is used for bowling lanes?

Historically, bowling alleys have used wood for bowling lane surfaces--maple in the front section of the lane, where the players walk and where the ball hits, and pine in the back portion of the la... Read More »

How long are bowling lanes?

A regulation bowling lane, or alley, is 62 feet, 10 3/16 inches long from the foul line to the pit. However, an alley can be up to 62 feet, 10 11/16 inches long because of an allowable half-inch to... Read More »

The History of Bowling Lanes?

More than 100 million people bowl worldwide. There are thousands of recreational leagues in the United States alone. The Federation Internationale des Quilleurs, or FIQ, acts as a governing body fo... Read More »