How to Play "The Boondocks"?

Answer The Boondocks is an animated cartoon based on the newspaper comic. Buddy TV has a website devoted to Boondocks forums, articles and episodes. This website also has Boondocks games for you and your ... Read More »

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How many episodes of boondocks is there?

according to Wikipedia, there are 30 episodes of the boondocks . that equals 15 episodes per season (2).

When did thugnificent first appear on boondocks?

Are they still making the boondocks now?

Because in SAW he is stabbed in the leg with a pair of scissors. Just kidding, he was in a car crash and they had to take something out of his leg and use it in his neck.

What is the meaning of boondocks?

Boondocks means some sort of remote place. From the Tagalog (Philippine) word for mountains, and it entered English via the American soldiers stationed there after the Spanish-American war in 1898.