What are body wraps?

Answer A body wrap is a beauty treatment that wraps you like a mummy. Ingredients that encourage pores to release toxins are spread over your skin, and then material is snugly wrapped around you from your... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of Clay Body Wraps?

A body wrap is a treatment that involves wrapping the whole body with an organic compound and special cloths. The mixture is spread all over the body and usually heat is applied to open the pores.L... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Chocolate Body Wraps?

Body wraps are popular spa treatments designed to increase the sense of well-being, relaxation and pleasure of the recipient. Wrap treatments are based on the idea that the skin and soft tissues ar... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Oatmeal Body Wraps?

Certain characteristics of oatmeal are thought to be beneficial for general skin care. In fact, oatmeal has been used for hundreds of years to treat dry, itchy and irritated skin.StarchOatmeal cont... Read More »

What are the different types of body wraps?

Body wraps are used to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. While body wraps are not a weight loss program, some body wrap methods tighten, tone the effects of cellulite and reshape your figure.Chocol... Read More »