What are blackout curtains?

Answer Blackout curtains block, on average, 99 percent to 100 percent of the light entering a room. The curtains are heavier than traditional window coverings and help reduce noise from outside. Blackout ... Read More »

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Differences Between Blackout Curtains & Thermal Curtains?

Thermal and blackout curtains both block either light or air from passing through your windows and into your living space. They are heavyweight, often insulated curtains, and, because of this, both... Read More »

Blackout curtains?

Take a look on the web,!

I've good quality curtains in the living room but now I want to add sheer drapes/curtains behind?

You will need some type of double rod system. This link shows/tells you how to install one.…

What happens on todal blackout?

I'm guessing they just fall onto a mattress or something in the basement and then they leave.