What are birthday candles made of?

Answer Birthday candles are most commonly made from paraffin wax and a wick. When the wick is lit, the flame's heat melts the wax and vaporizes the liquid wax. The chemical reaction produces water vapor ... Read More »

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Who made trick birthday candles?

Although no one person is credited for having invented trick candles, the patent to the self-igniting wick belongs to a man named Takahashi Toshio, who invented it as a safety improvement to ordina... Read More »

What wax is in birthday candles?

Most birthday candles are made of paraffin wax. However, birthday candles can be made of other types of waxes including soy, palm and beeswax. The wax type does not affect how cleanly or safely it ... Read More »

Should I Reuse Birthday Candles?

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Do you like candles on your birthday cake?

When I hit 50, I decided that removing the candles made the cake look like an exploded mine field. I moved on to