How to Clean Billiard Balls?

Answer Do you play Billiards a lot? Then your Billiard balls will be covered in chalk. You should clean them, because if the chalk builds up, it may affect play. Follow this guide to clean the billiard ba... Read More »

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Can I use 2 1/4 billiard balls on my table instead of 2?

Yes, you can use billiard balls that are 2.25 inches in diameter as opposed to billiard balls that are 2 inches in diameter. Billiard balls that are 2.25 inches are the most popular size worldwide.... Read More »

When did plastic billiard/pool balls come out?

The first plastic billiards balls were created in 1870 by John Wesley Hyatt. The balls were made of celluloid, which is considered the first synthetic plastic. They replaced ivory balls, which were... Read More »

Are Duralec resin billiard balls polyester?

Different manufacturers produce billiard balls made from different substances. Duralec is a trademarked resin that is used for its excellent color quality and strength. Other substances used for ma... Read More »

Do billiard balls bounce off at a 90 degree angle from impact?

Billiards is a game of angles, and as such, there are many ways the balls can bounce. A skilled player can make the ball bounce at any angle, including 90 degrees, but the ball will never bounce co... Read More »