What are biceps and traps good for?

Answer biceps and traps are for lifting weight from the ground. Biceps curls are a bit of waste of time except for building a peak shaped muscle. I only do rows, lat pull downs to develop more longer biceps.

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Is this a good routine for biceps/triceps growth?

Hey Sam, Yeah the pushups are going to help, but the weights you're using for the curls are not really enough to (grow) muscle....If you have anywhere, or anyway that you can find t... Read More »

How to Get Big Biceps?

There's more to getting big biceps than doing aimless amounts of bicep curls. There is a technique and a science to it. This article will point you in the right direction.

How to Get Better Biceps?

Having strong biceps is useful for arm wrestling, showing off, and many types of sports. To learn how to build those guns, read this article.

How to Stretch Biceps?

Stretching muscles can increase flexibility as well as prevent injury. Be sure to stretch the biceps muscle before any strength training or other physical activity.