What are better, M&M's or Smarties?

Answer Steak!!!!ehm, I mean m&ms

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How to Split Smarties?

Smarties are tiny sugar-coated candies with different colors manufactured by Nestle. Smarties are not only a popular candy among kids, they are also useful in middle school science experiments. "Sp... Read More »

Who invented the first smarties?

The first Smarties were invented by Ce De Candy, in 1932. The company originated in England but currently makes this candy in Ontario and New Jersey. Both factories are open for production 24 hours... Read More »

How do you smoke Smarties?

Your school mates are morons. I've never heard of people smoking Smarties. I have heard of people "snorting" Smarties. And the only thing they usually end up with is a sinus infection or a "suga... Read More »

Does anyone smoke smarties?

YES! Im sad to say this but kids do grind up smatries in to powder and smoke them. It is very bad for you, WORSE THAN SMOKING CIGGARETS! the powder of the candy goes into the lungs and sticks there... Read More »

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