What are bathtubs made of?

Answer Bathtubs come in a variety of materials, such as enamel-coated cast iron, porcelain-coated steel, marble, acrylic, fiberglass, ceramic tile, wood and, more recently, solid surface, which is traditi... Read More »

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What material are bathtubs made of?

Modern bathtubs often are made from acrylic--a plastic that can be softened by heat and hardened by cooling--which is lightweight, strong and can be finished to a high gloss. Other choices of mater... Read More »

What is standard hotel bathtubs size?

Most hotel chains have an ensuite bathroom with standard 5-foot-long bathtubs. These tubs are commonly found in rooms of two-star hotels and above around the world. In some luxury or spa hotels, ce... Read More »

What to Use for Cleaning Plastic Bathtubs & Shower Stalls?

Plastic bathtubs and shower stalls lack grout and tile, but you can still experience problems with mildew. Cleaning the plastic with distilled white vinegar removes stains and mildews, while also e... Read More »

What causes the orange peel look on fiberglass bathtubs?

Answer This can also be called, "fish-eye" and it's generally caused by the "kicking time" added to color of the tub and not the fiberglass. Fiberglass when applied needs to be "faired out" (sand... Read More »