What are ballet shoes made of?

Answer There are two types of ballet shoes: soft shoes and pointe shoes. Soft shoes are made of a thin leather upper and stiched to a soft suede sole, light and uninhibiting for the dancer. Pointe shoes a... Read More »

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How to Tie Ballet Shoes?

To tie ballet shoes is fairly simple. This article is for either ballet shoes with ribbons, or pointe shoes with ribbons. All that you need is to know how!

How to Wear Ballet Shoes?

The fit of ballet pointe shoes is extremely important to a dancer. To prevent injury, dancers sew elastics and ribbons into the pointe shoes precisely to secure the shoes to the feet. Then, ribbons... Read More »

Who invented ballet shoes?

The first ballet slippers evolved in 18th century France and consisted of delicate textiles. The pointe shoe is credited to Italian ballerina Marie Taglioni, who wore leather souled satin slippers ... Read More »

What is in the bottom of ballet shoes?

In the toe of ballet pointe shoes is the toe block, which is made by gluing layers of paper and material such as burlap or canvas together with paste. The interiors and exteriors of ballet shoes ar... Read More »