What are balance transfer checks?

Answer A balance transfer check is a check issued by a credit card company allowing you to transfer a balance from one credit card account to another. The benefits include consolidating bills and lowering... Read More »

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When is a 0% balance transfer not a free balance transfer rate?

A 0 percent balance transfer offer from a credit card company is not always free. At the very least, many companies charge fees for the transfer equal to a percentage of the amount transferred. Oft... Read More »

Does my credit card balance increase with a balance transfer?

If the card you are transferring your balances to has a transfer fee, your balance on the new card will be higher than it was on the old card. Transfer fees should be considered alongside any poten... Read More »

Does the Philippines have a "checks and balance" system?

Yes. The Commission on Audit is responsible auditing the transactions of government offices. The downside is that the government cannot do much to protect all the whistle-blowers against those in p... Read More »

What is a balance transfer fee?

A balance transfer fee is an amount imposed by a credit card company when you transfer a balance from one card to another. The fee may be a percentage of the amount transferred, usually between thr... Read More »