What is a group of baby turtles called?

Answer A group of turtles is called a bale. This applies to either adult or baby turtles. Some people who keep turtles as pets will also call a group of turtles a "herd."Source:California Turtle and Tor... Read More »

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What do baby turtles eat?

Baby turtles can eat a range of things in the wild, but most pet stores carry flakes and pellets for turtles that fall into your care. Live options such as grasshoppers and meal worms may also be e... Read More »

What do baby mud turtles eat?

Baby mud turtles consume worms, snails, small shrimp, crayfish, crickets and commercial turtle foods. The hatchling turtles should be fed daily or at the least every other day, with the insects, fi... Read More »

What Do Baby Turtles Need?

Turtles can make great pets. They have enthralled enthusiasts all over the world and are even considered sacred animals by some religions. Although their popularity as a pet continues to increase, ... Read More »

What do baby red ear turtles eat?

Young red-eared slider turtles have a diet based primarily on protein. They begin eating more plants and veggies as they get older. Young turtles should be fed every day. Good protein examples incl... Read More »