What is the scientific name for baby elephants?

Answer The technical term for a baby elephant is calf. Elephant calves are cared for by the entire group of female elephants of the herd. Baby elephants may rely solely on the care of their mothers for as... Read More »

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Do baby elephants have tusks?

Baby elephants first grow two front teeth in the place of tusks. These teeth fall out around one year of age, and ivory tusks begin to grow in their place. The tusks eventually begin to protrude fr... Read More »

How big are baby elephants when they are first born?

A baby elephant, or calf, is between 26 and 42 inches tall at birth. It usually weights between 198 and 264 lbs but can weigh as much as 350 pounds. It is born with a short trunk and must use its m... Read More »

When are asian baby elephants born?

The Asian elephant is more closely related to the extinct mammoth than the African elephant. The females do not reach sexual maturity until about 16 years of age. Their gestation period lasts from ... Read More »

What is a baby emu called?

A baby emu is called a chick. A newly born chick weighs around a pound or less, and emerges from a large green egg. Chicks reach full maturity at two to three years of age.Source:Animal Planet: Ba... Read More »