What are baby beetles called?

Answer Baby beetles are called Larva

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Why do i only see lady beetles in the garden and no man beetles ?

Discrimination! You should start a support group for them lol!

What is a baby emu called?

A baby emu is called a chick. A newly born chick weighs around a pound or less, and emerges from a large green egg. Chicks reach full maturity at two to three years of age.Source:Animal Planet: Ba... Read More »

What is a baby cat called?

A baby cat is called a kitten. Kittens open their eyes between seven and 10 days after birth. Until then, they cannot see. For the first two weeks, they cannot hear. Cats can have up to five litter... Read More »

What is a baby dragon called?

A newly hatched dragon has been called many different terms in folk art, books and movies, including "dragonling," "hatchling" and "dragonite." Because the dragon is a mythological beast, there is ... Read More »