What are average outbound conference calling rates?

Answer As of late 2009, unlimited conference packages for 10 to 100 phones start at $50 to $250. Other packages charge 5 to 7 cents domestic and from 7.2 to 9.8 cents per minute for international conferen... Read More »

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Is there a phreaking box that u can build so you can still do outbound calling on landline but not inbound?

Build a box? How about a little thought? A "stick" or other fax switch/line share device has more than one port and the port allows outgoing calls but will not normally ring. A PBX extension can... Read More »

What is web conference calling?

Web conferences allow members of a company to hold a meeting, view a presentation or have an informal conference from remote locations. It allows for steady data transmission, ensuring that compani... Read More »

When did conference calling start?

The idea of the conference call originated around 1956 with the development of the picture phone. The picture phone set allowed you to see whom you were talking to on the phone with a small screen.... Read More »

Why Are Conference Calling Services Needed?

As the speed in which modern business is conducted continues to increase, so does the need to communicate quickly. The process of conference calling, where people in several locations communicate s... Read More »