Who created the Periodic Table based on atomic numbers?

Answer Dimitri Mendeleev (1834-1907) is credited as the inventor of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Henry Mosely, an English physicist, refined and improved the table in 1914 by basing it on atomic nu... Read More »

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Who discovered that atoms have atomic numbers?

The discovery of atomic numbers is credited to Henry Gwyn-Jefferies Moseley, in around 1914. Although the idea of an "atomic number" had already existed at the time of Moseley's work, the X-ray spe... Read More »

Where on the Periodic Table is the atomic number and atomic mass located?

The Periodic Table of Elements is composed of all the known elements of the natural world, listed in order of increasing atomic number. Most charts list each atom in rows of boxes with the element'... Read More »

What kind of numbers did arabic numbers replace?

The Roman numeral system of numbers spread as the Roman Empire grew. The Roman number system began around 3 B. C., but the older Arabic number system with decimals and a zero replaced it.Source:Hi... Read More »

What is an atomic clock?

An atomic clock is a clock that uses atomic resonance frequency to keep time. Atomic clocks are considered the most accurate clocks around and are used to control power grids, the frequency of TV b... Read More »