What are aqueducts made of?

Answer Aqueducts were first made in the Roman era from rough cut granite blocks without mortar. Today, they are often underground and the pipes may be made from brick, metal and even stone.Source:Think Qu... Read More »

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How were Roman aqueducts made?

Civil engineering was one of Rome's greatest gifts to the modern world. Their sewerage system helped prevent the spread of disease and keep cities clean. Through a mixture of innovate materials and... Read More »

What were Roman aqueducts designed as?

The ancient Roman aqueducts were waterways designed to provide indoor plumbing, drinking water and waste removal to the homes and establishments of Rome. The aqueducts were so effective at providin... Read More »

How did the roman aqueducts work?

A famous example of ancient engineering skill, the Roman aqueduct system delivered water from a variety of distant water sources into the city through the clever use of gravity.OriginsAs ancient Ro... Read More »

How were roman aqueducts built?

The Roman aqueducts provided a sewage system, indoor plumbing and running water to the Roman Empire and are one of the greatest achievements in the ancient world. The aqueducts weren't surpassed in... Read More »