What are moose antlers made of?

Answer Made entirely from bone, moose antlers develop from pedicels on the foreheads of the males. Growing antlers are soft and covered with skin called velvet. Once the antlers harden, the velvet is rubb... Read More »

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Are deer antlers made of bone?

Deer antlers are made of bone. In contrast, horns are made of keratin. Deer antlers, which are nourished by the blood in the velvet that covers them, require minerals as well as protein to grow, wh... Read More »

What is in the velvet in deer antlers?

Velvet is a hairy skin that covers growing deer antlers; it protects blood vessels, nervous tissue and cartilage. When the antlers are fully mature in late summer, the velvet dies and peels off.Sou... Read More »

What makes deer antlers grow?

Deer antlers are unlike anything else in the animal kingdom. Scientists have long studied these appendages and have solved many puzzles about antler growth.The Catalyst of Antler GrowthTestosterone... Read More »

What month do deer shed antlers?

Male deer shed their antlers after the mating season in the fall is over due to a drop in testosterone levels. The shedding can occur any time from January to April.Source:King's Outdoor World: All... Read More »