What are moose antlers made of?

Answer Made entirely from bone, moose antlers develop from pedicels on the foreheads of the males. Growing antlers are soft and covered with skin called velvet. Once the antlers harden, the velvet is rubb... Read More »

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Are deer antlers made of bone?

Deer antlers are made of bone. In contrast, horns are made of keratin. Deer antlers, which are nourished by the blood in the velvet that covers them, require minerals as well as protein to grow, wh... Read More »

Do female elk have antlers?

The female elk does not grow antlers as the males of the species do, according to the "National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mammals." The females, called cows, are like all other ... Read More »

How to Mount Antlers?

Hunters often enjoy displaying the antlers of an animal they've killed to remember the hunt and to respect the spirit of that animal. Mounted antlers are a source of pride; they showcase the size o... Read More »

When do elk antlers fall off?

Elk shed their antlers in February and March, sometimes April at the latest. Young elk and elk in poor physical shape keep their antlers longer than older and physically fit elk. It takes two to t... Read More »