What are antenatal Screening Tests?

Answer Antenatal screening tests are carried out by amniocentesis or by chronic villus sampling.

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What is the purpose of antenatal testing?

These tests and exams are essential for protecting the health of a pregnant woman and her developing child.

What does effaced mean with regards to antenatal care?

The cervix dialates during the course of labor. This is measured in centimeters across (from 1 centimeter to 10 which is completely dialated.) In addition to opening up (dilatation), the cervix als... Read More »

Antenatal classes booked :D what to expect uk (updates aswell)?

I'm also in the UK.The format of your ante-natal classes will differ slightly depending on which NHS area you're in, but they all cover the same basic subjects. They'll look at recognising the sign... Read More »

Do California DMV driver tests still do parallel parking and 3 point turn tests?

Hello there!Yes, the DMV examiner may ask you to parallel park the vehicle, and either to a U-turn or a three point turn. The test leaves the exact choice of maneuvers you are being tested on up t... Read More »