Which do you like better, snakebites or angel bites?

Answer i prefer angel bites for a girl to be honest but my opinion shouldnt rly make a difrence in u getting one (if thats why your asking) if your getting the piercing shoose wichever you prefer ^^

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What Are Snake & Angel Bites?

Snake and angel bites are piercings that occur on the upper or lower lip. Each type of piercing has two separate piercings located horizontally from each other. The lip is marked where the piercing... Read More »

Why am i getting mosquito bites or some kind of bug bites after the pool its annoying :(?

maybe ur aluget to a chemical in the water.

How can you tell the difference between chigger bites and mosquito bites?

Chigger bites are mainly around the ankles and lower calves. chigger bites are small and red. they look red dots. Mosquito bites can appear wherever on the body. The thing about chiggers are they ... Read More »

My mosquito bites are seriously killing me!!! even after bites not working!!! help plz!!!!!?

when i was little, my grandma would tell me to run my bites under the cold water, and pour just a little salt on doesnt hurt, and somehow they stopped itching.