Science Projects on Alleles?

Answer In general genetics, a gene is a section of DNA that determines a specific trait. An allele is a version of a gene. For example, a gene that codes for eye color may have two different alleles; one ... Read More »

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How many alleles do siblings share?

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What does multiple alleles for a trait mean?

Alleles are basically different genes that control the outcome of a particular phenotype. Phenotypes are the physical characteristics that genes express. Multiple alleles mean there are several p... Read More »

What Alleles Always Have an Effect on an Organism's Phenotype?

The phenotype, or expression of genes in an organism, depends on the type of genes present in that organism. Genes that always have an effect on phenotype are known as dominant genes, although ther... Read More »

How many alleles are in a normal cell trait?

There are two alleles for every genetic trait, such as hair color, eye color and detached or attached earlobes. Each gene receives one allele from the mother and one allele from the father. If the ... Read More »