What are all the possible reasons a computer would run really, really slowly?

Answer As the expression goes, I am sorry to hear that you are having computer problems.I don't know much about your machine, or what OS you are running. Unfortunately what is wrong could range from the ... Read More »

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My computer is running really slowly what is the best way too speed it up?

The following steps should speed up your PC. Do all of the steps with patience. Please note that deleting unnecessary and junk files are necessary to attain smooth performance of your PC.1. Run Dis... Read More »

My Computer suddenly is running REALLY slowly and I don`t know why.?

Have you tried clearing the history that usually works for mine

My computer is responding really slowly and it takes me ages to shut down, help?

i know the feeling! doesnt it bug you!i think it depends who you've got your connection with and if its 1mb 2mb etc?

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