What are all the parts of the muscular system?

Answer Despite the wondrous celerity of nerve transmission and the exquisite articulation of bones and joints, you couldn't lift a finger without muscles, the functioning of which depends on several essen... Read More »

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What are the major parts of the muscular system?

The muscular system is that which, in conjunction with the nervous system, allows an organism to move. Three types of muscles are in the human body.Skeletal MuscleSkeletal muscle makes up the major... Read More »

What are the main parts of the muscular system?

The human body contains hundreds of muscles. They connect to the skeletal system to give people the ability to move. They also aid in digestion and keep the heart beating. There are three main part... Read More »

How does the muscular system work with the nervous system?

The brain controls all body systems. It interacts with other body systems through a network of neurons, which make up the nervous system. These specialized neurons communicate with muscles througho... Read More »

How does the respiratory system interact with the muscular system?

The respiratory system needs the muscular system in order to function properly. As certain muscles contract and relax, the pressure within the chest cavity changes. This allows air to flow into and... Read More »