Don't you think it's time for cell phone companies to start standardizing phone chargers?

Answer Actually... It's going to happen by 2012. They announced it on the news a few days ago. Seventeen manufacturers and carriers will be involved, including all the popular brands.Link- The Wall Street... Read More »

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Do phone companies keep track of a cell phone's Internet activity?

Phone companies keep track of a cell phone's Internet activity so they know how much to charge for the service. Some companies charge $1.99 per megabyte of data transfer. Others have data plans for... Read More »

How long do cell phone companies keep phone records?

The amount of time a cell phone company keeps phone records depends on the company's internal policies. Most companies keep records for several years for tax purposes. Also, records are often used ... Read More »

Cell phone companies!!?

OMG!! Don't get the env. The front screen scratches so easily and it's bulky and it was released like 2 years ago so it doesn't have very updated features. I just went to the Verizon store last nig... Read More »

Who regulates cell phone companies?

Both the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Communications Commission regulate cell phone companies. The FDA can take authoritative action should a cell phone emit radio frequency waves at a ... Read More »