Who played Lego Batman?

Answer Steve Blum played the role of Batman in the video game "LEGO Batman." He additionally voiced Joker, Killer Moth and Two-Face. Blum's resume includes many video games and animated series such as "Th... Read More »

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How to Use Batarang in LEGO Batman for PC?

"LEGO Batman" is a video game title created in 2008 that is available for a variety of mainstream video game consoles as well as for the PC. In the game, users take control of the hero or villain a... Read More »

How to Enter Final Fantasy X Cheat Codes on Game Shark Codes?

The Game Shark is a disc that allows players to enter codes to modify gameplay on PlayStation 2 games. It can be used to cheat at “Final Fantasy X” by giving the player money, weapons, high sta... Read More »

How to Get the Two Mystery People in LEGO Batman?

The final two mysterious characters to unlock in "Lego Batman" are Hush and Ras Al Ghul. Unlocking both requires you to play through the game multiple times to collect all 10 Lego boxes found hidde... Read More »

How to Get Unlimited Studs in Lego Batman for Ds?

Everyone that owns LEGO Batman for the Nintendo DS knows that what you always need more of is LEGO Studs. I have discovered a way to get unlimited studs!!