How to Change Gears on Bicycle With 10 or more Gears?

Answer Most bicycles today come with anywhere from 10 to 27 gears. Selecting the proper gear and knowing when to switch will let you ride faster, longer, and without worry of "that big hill".

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What Are the Different Gears in a Silverado?

The manual transmission in a Chevrolet Silverado is operated by a driver-controlled clutch, which is situated next to the brake pedal. The gear shift is located on the right side of the steering wh... Read More »

Automatic transmissions - What are the D2 and D1 gears for?

it is just a manual override to prevent the transmission from shifting into a higher gear.... commonly used for downhill grades with a small or moderate load or trailer that helps prevent the brake... Read More »

What Should I Do If My Gears Are Slipping in My Car?

Slipping gears are an indicator of wear on your transmission that will need to be inspected. If you notice that your car is having trouble changing gears, this may be a warning sign. If your car is... Read More »

At what speeds do you change gears on a motorcycle?

On One Hand: No Specific Shift PointMotorcycles offer a different shifting pattern than four-wheeled automobiles because of their smaller, higher revving engines. No specific shift point recommenda... Read More »