What are all of the Facebook "like" sites?

Answer Those sites simply allow you to type something and then like it on Facebook. It's equivalent to liking a link. I can only think of one other site at the moment

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What are some good online sites like facebook and msn? allows sinternational networkingomegle.comorkut.comgoogleplushifi

What are the facebook "like" pages that lead to other sites?

No, for the most part they are not viruses, malware, worms, etc. Website builders can place a facebook "like" button on their page - so that they can track how many people like their site (it is no... Read More »

What are sites that are like facebook but are safe for 11 or 12 year olds?

neopets.combut kids that age shouldn't have a social networking site, they're young, let them go play with other people. and i didn't get a myspace till i was a freshman in high school and i got a ... Read More »

What if the future of all sites becomes like facebook in that they make you pay?

Just use the internet for research, but people will set up there own sites that are not monitored or need money. Take this site its prublic, yet people are asking how to crack windows etc if you he... Read More »