What are advantages of organizing?

Answer The biggest advantage tends to be best use of resources, by way of specialization and teamwork. Everybody in an organization, or all parts of an organism, work together with each one or each part d... Read More »

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Help on organizing!!!?

Junk gets thrown out. If you haven't used it in 6 months, you don't need it. Fold clothes. arrange closets so that shirts hang in one area, pants/dresses in another. and a shoe organizer. Underwear... Read More »

How do you go about organizing all your "junk"?

I would suggest that you take a weekend to sort through everything and organize it by the room that would make the most sense to store it. For example, video games would go in the room with TV or c... Read More »

What Does "Organizing a Paragraph" Mean?

Experienced writers understand the rules to follow when writing a paragraph. Good paragraphs are structured and organized based on the type of writing. While "structure" refers to how a paragraph m... Read More »

Who is responsible for organizing?