What are a judge's robes called?

Answer A judge's robes are formally known as judicial robes. The ones worn in the U.S. are very close to robes made for choirs and graduates; they can also be custom-made. Judicial robes are part of a lon... Read More »

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Why do judges wear black robes?

Judges in the United States wear black robes because of the significance of the color, as well as out of respect for tradition. The tradition is based on tales of three main figures in world histor... Read More »

What are Chinese robes called?

There are several types of traditional Chinese robes. The "pao" is the traditional robe worn for 1800 years in China. Chinese religious robes are called tricivara--or three-part robe. It is made up... Read More »

What do collars mean on graduation robes?

Collars on a graduation robe represent that a graduate has successfully completed the requirements to earn an honors diploma. Alternately, some schools use specially colored braids in place of coll... Read More »

What is the meaning of the piping on clergy robes?

Piping on clergy robes can mean many different things. The color of the piping on a Roman Catholic clergyman's black cassock signifies his ecclesiastic rank. Piping on Protestant ministers' robes m... Read More »