Does anybody know any companies that hire ex-felons in Atlanta or the metro area?

Answer A lot of companies hire felons. Publix and Kroger are two that I know off hand. I used to be a parole officer so I know there are plenty of jobs for felons. What you must understand is that when... Read More »

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What are some good truck driving companies in the Atlanta or Orlando area, where you get home nightly?

If he has a CDL license and is doing interstate trips, it would be hard to find a driving job with a moving company doing only local jobs. The pay will be much less as well. Only local relocations ... Read More »

What Do Towing Companies Do With Vin Numbers?

A towing company can collect a vehicle identification number (VIN) for several reasons. The towing company can retain the number for its records, report the VIN number to an automobile club that wi... Read More »

Any Companies offer free call forwarding What is the cheapest way to get a lot of phone numbers?

Well, let's see. Call center. What does call forwarding have to do with a call center? Answering service, maybe, but call center? Your least expensive is probably a SIP DID arrangement, it's go... Read More »

What are the phone numbers of phone companies that keep their callers on hold?