What are a child's rights and roles in the family?

Answer child's roles are to follow the parens instructions and to take care of the family when grown up and when u give u receive like what comes around goes around

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Roles of each member in a family?

each must find it own road and also must share the responsibilities together.

Roles of mother in family?

Through the umbilical cord which transports food as chemicals to the baby from what the mother eats, which is why it is important that the mother eats a balanced and healthy diet

What are the maternal and paternal roles within the family?

Well for one (and this is common sense)You keep an eye on them at all times.You should always know were your child is going and were they are with currently.You should know who your child is with a... Read More »

Define roles of mother in family?

A teacher, a friend, provider, comforter, listener, disciplinarian, caregiver, and a family structure.