What are Yellow Stains on Teeth?

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Im 13, but have started to get yellow stains on my teeth!!?

That happened to me too. I have braces and I couldn't whiten them and I needed a toothpaste that would help with my teeth because they are really sensitive. My mom works for a dentist and she ended... Read More »

How to Remove Brown-Yellow Stains on the Teeth?

Maintaining a bright, white smile can be challenging in the face of habits such as smoking and drinking coffee and tea. These substances, along with a handful of medications and some foods, can cau... Read More »

How to Remove Brown & Yellow Stains From Kids' Teeth?

Dental staining is embarrassing for children and can cause feelings of self-consciousness. A dental stain is a yellow or brown discoloration of the teeth. Dental staining is either extrinsic, meani... Read More »

If one of your canine teeth never came down and you were told it was impacted and you needed oral surgery could this have anything to do with the condition of your other teeth which are very yellow?

Answer Orthodontics and oral surgery would be needed to "pull" the impacted canine into position. This would have nothing to do with color of the teeth. If you are worried about yellowing of the t... Read More »