What are Vanilla Beans?

Answer AnswerThey are a long pod from which natural vanilla is produced. You can buy them at some health food shops. Also they are from the flower, Orchid.

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What is the origin of vanilla beans?

Vanilla beans were first cultivated by the Aztecs in Mexico. It was originally used as a flavor complement for drinks made from chocolate. Vanilla was introduced to the Spanish and thus spread to E... Read More »

What country grows the most vanilla beans?

Madagascar, an island country off the coast of Africa, ranks No. 1 in vanilla bean production. In 2004, Madagascar produced approximately 1,700 tons of vanilla beans. The country is also known as t... Read More »

What kind of vanilla beans are in Starbucks blended creme?

Starbucks does not disclose the exact type of vanilla bean that is used in their Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino blended beverage. The ingredients for the drink include vanilla bean, milk, ice and w... Read More »

Do vanilla beans go bad?

Vanilla beans will go bad eventually. If vanilla beans are kept in moist environments such as a refrigerator or freezer, mold can develop on the bean's skin. If the beans are tightly wrapped in sar... Read More »