What are Treasury money market accounts?

Answer Treasury money market funds are money market funds that are backed by the U.S. Treasury, according to The New York Times. The U.S. government stated it will guarantee these funds against up to $50 ... Read More »

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What Is a Treasury Money Market?

The money market is used by investors who want to trade in debt-related investment instruments. Commercial organizations raise money by selling bonds, which represent a debt to be repaid on a certa... Read More »

Are cd accounts or money market accounts better?

On One Hand: Interest RatesCertificate of Deposit (CD) accounts typically pay a higher interest rate than money market accounts. reports that in 2010, one-year CD interest rates on... Read More »

Investment Criteria for Corporate Treasury Money Market?

Every corporation accumulates excess cash that must be managed to provide for seasonal expenses such as product production or long-term goals such as expansion of facilities. The treasurer or chief... Read More »

Can you roll a 401(k) over to a treasury only money market fund?

You can roll over your 401(k) account balance into a Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) without penalty. Within the IRA, you may then buy a money market fund that only purchases treasu... Read More »