I am trying to find my sister and her name is Trina Nicole Tracy and her fathers name is terry Wayne Tracy. i have never met her and our father has now pasted away. please help me.?

Answer You should go to the police or authorities, or anybody else who can trace back your roots and stuff.Or, try typing those names into Facebook, or MySpace, or even Google.Ask your other family member... Read More »

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Jess did, although she dumped him and then ambre left him! now he is in his third and final season!

Tim chapmans trial?

he was freed from all charges and now A&E has picked up his show once again- so he will be back on February 19, 2008 A&E announced that Chapman's reality show Dog The Bounty Hunter would be return... Read More »

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( she's not...)Thanks to her, there is now the Thurman Law, which called for mandatory arrests in wife-beating cases in Connecticut and several other states. In the twelve months after t... Read More »