What are Tidy Cats crystals made of?

Answer Tidy Cats crystals consist of pure silica gel that is compound of silicon dioxide and water. They trap the moisture and the odor of a cat box and then absorb them.Source:Azo Materials: Silica--Sili... Read More »

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Urinary Crystals in Cats?

Crystals in the urinary system of cats are associated with FLUTD, feline urinary tract disease. FLUTD is more common in males than females. This can be an expensive, painful and long-term disease t... Read More »

Bladder Crystals in Cats?

Your cat may develop microscopic crystals in her bladder which, left untreated, could attach to other crystals to become bladder stones. Because the condition may lead to an obstruction of the uret... Read More »

How are crystals made?

Crystals come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. These differences are in part created in the way they are formed. Crystals are formed in multiple ways, dependent on available resources and ... Read More »

What are oil burning crystals made of?

Oil-burning crystals---often called crystal oil candles---are made from Pyrex scientific glass rods and tubes. The glass is hand-blown and molded into a candle shape. "Drips" are added by melting g... Read More »