What are Texas's rules of residency for college tuition purposes?

Answer You have to have lived in the state a year before entering college or a full year as an outsider in Texas before trying to submit yourself as a resident in order to show residency. Another way to p... Read More »

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Will having multiple addresses make my residency for tuition purposes disputable?

Well, I would suggest that you go change your address with the DMV as soon as you can. As far as residency goes, if the addresses are in the same county you shouldn't have any problem. Lots of peop... Read More »

Where to find sample Letters confirming residency for adoption purposes?

How to Establish Residency & Pay In-State Tuition at Jacksonville State University?

Jacksonville State University is located in the eastern part of Alabama. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate-level programs in a wide range of disciplines. Online classes are also... Read More »

How to Apply for Residency & Attend College in Texas?

Tuition and fees for out-of-state students at most public colleges and universities in Texas are more than triple the rate charged to state residents. At the University of Texas in 2010, for exampl... Read More »