As a teacher of preschoolers, what is the funniest thing they have said repeating something you said?

Answer one day when i got really frustrated in class i said "jesus, mary and joseph". about 2 weeks later i said "jesus" and a child chimed up with "what about mary and joseph"? i don't say that in fron... Read More »

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Your doctor called you and said you have low hormones being 6 weeks pregnant and said you need to go back and do more blood test what is going on?

Answer This happened to me too...but everything was fine, i just was not as pregnant as we all thought i was, i was more like 5 weeks not 6. But everything turned out fine, with a healthy baby and... Read More »

External hard drive said it had 320gb but computer said it only had 298 why?

Hardware on the drive isn't quite 320, they round up to the nearest gig. Software also takes up some space such as drivers that make it compatible with computer systems.

Ppl said proactiv is the best solution for acne and some said its a flaw?

proactive is the best...i've seen so many ppl use it..and their faces look amazing should use it

What does it mean when you feel movement rite next to your belly button on the left hand side done a preg test said negative and went doctors and he said probably just my bowel but i think he is wron?

Answer Pregnancy tests are very sensitive and generally give very reliable results past the due date of a period. Also, you would not feel a baby moving until it was around four months after concep... Read More »