What are Seattle's Zoning Regualtions?

Answer each type of real estate is ZONED differently, and separately; houses, ag, commercial, etc. All counties in the US are 'governed' the same way.

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Is there any military regualtions that is on adoption for military families?

Control movement along specific routes, maintain continuous monitoring of road movement, apprehend suspects, prevent smuggling of controlled items, prevent infiltration of unauthorized civilians or... Read More »

Building and zoning!?

You still need the proper building permits.

What does R-4 zoning mean in Freehold?

In Freehold Township, New Jersey, the zoning code R-4 applies to a residential area that allows 10,000-square-foot lots and 100 feet of frontage. Freehold's Planning and Zoning office website has a... Read More »

What does R1-10 mean in zoning terms?

Land designated to have R1-10 zoning is for single family residences, where lot sizes must be a minimum of 10,000 square feet. In most towns and municipalities, R1-10 zoning excludes the acceptance... Read More »