What are SSL certificates?

Answer The exponential growth of online business and transactions during the 1990's led to growing concern about the security of this widespread utility. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology was develope... Read More »

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What are silver certificates?

Silver certificates are paper currency issued by the U.S. Treasury until 1963. They were redeemable for silver dollars until March 25, 1964, and redeemable for silver bullion until June 24, 1968. T... Read More »

Wildcard SSL Certificates: What Is It?

Yes, a regular SSL certificate would cover but if you have a lot of sub-domains you can use a Wildcard SSL to cover using a single certificate. ... Read More »

What Are Certificates on a Blackberry Cell Phone?

Certificates are essential identifiers that travel along with data traffic to and from a Blackberry. Certificates signal that access has been approved and allow for data decryption. This process pr... Read More »

What are US Navy ocean crossing certificates?

Navy Ocean Crossing Certificates (Unofficial, of course) are many and wide. I'm a Bluenose (twice), but there are many, many others that have ceremonies and certificates that are documented by the ... Read More »