What are Russian nesting dolls called?

Answer Russian nesting dolls go by many names, but the traditional name is matryoshka. This name evolved from Martyona or Matriosha, a popular name for Russian peasant women. The name was so popular, Russ... Read More »

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What is the origin of Russian nesting dolls?

Russian nesting dolls were reinvented in the late 1800s by Russian artist Sergei Maliutin from a 17th-century Japanese design. Called Matryoshkas after a common Russian girl's name, the dolls becam... Read More »

How to Make Russian Dolls?

Some of the most common types of Russian dolls are "nesting dolls." They are interchangeable with "matrioshka" and "babushka" dolls. Whether you're a hobbyist interested in making a genuine wooden ... Read More »

When were Russian matryoshka wooden dolls created?

The Russian matryoshka, or nesting doll, originated in Russia in the late 19th century. A set of Japanese wooden nesting dolls inspired S.V. Malyutin, an artist with the Children's Education Worksh... Read More »

What is a Russian hat called?

Russian hats, called ushankas, feature ear flaps that may be worn flipped up out of the way or down to protect the ears from the bitter Russian winters. Ushankas may be made from either animal or f... Read More »