What are Rosaries made of?

Answer Rosaries can be made from any material. Since the 16th century, Rosary beads have been made from bone, wood, glass, crystal, silver, gold, semi-precious stones and even plastic. These beads are att... Read More »

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Can rosaries be made of pearl?

The beads of a rosary can be made of pearls, according to Custom Rosaries. The crucifix of a rosary with pearl beads is often made of a fine metal, such as sterling silver.Source:Custom Rosaries: M... Read More »

How much does it normally cost to get rosaries done on your wrist?

Nobody on here can really answer that, It varies by the shop, and Most shops have a shop minimum, say like $50, than if goes up from there. The only sure way to find out is to shop around, go into... Read More »

Types of Catholic Rosaries?

A rosary is a Catholic devotion, which is a series of prayers. However, when most people think of a rosary, they are actually thinking of a chaplet, the beads arranged to help a person say the rosa... Read More »

How to Make Flex Wire Rosaries?

A rosary is a spiritual item used by many religious people as a form of meditation and prayer. Many religions use rosaries, but the most recognizable rosaries come from the Roman Catholics. When it... Read More »