What are Robert's Rules of Order?

Answer There are procedures that, if followed during meetings and public assemblies, insure that things are done in an orderly manner. These rules have been organized for use by everyday people, and are k... Read More »

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Does Roberts Rules allow an exofficio member of a board to vote?

Roberts Rules of Order provides a structure for the conduct of board meetings. The question of whether an exofficio member of the board can vote is answered in your governing documents or state la... Read More »

Rules of a Petition for an Order of Protection?

The rules for a petition for an Order of Protection vary in detail from state to state, but the general process for filing an Order of Protection is fairly consistent. Judges issue protection order... Read More »

Who invented Robert's rules of order?

Robert's Rules of Order was first published in 1876 by Henry Martyn Robert. Robert presided over public meetings and attended many social club meetings and noticed that there was no organization; n... Read More »

How to Learn Robert's Rules of Order?

Robert’s Rules of Order are a set of rules for conducting a meeting with multiple individuals that allow for all those in attendance to be heard in an efficient manner. The Rules originate in par... Read More »