What are Polaroid sunglasses made of?

Answer Polaroid sunglasses have UltraSight lenses that are made with a technology called Thermofusion. It uses a plastic called eco-polymer that is biodegradable, with a polarizing light filter in the cen... Read More »

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Are Polaroid sunglasses dark glass or dark plastic?

Polaroid sunglasses contain lenses made with a technology called Thermofusion, using a biodegradable plastic called eco polymer. According to the manufacturer, Disruptol, the material is recycled, ... Read More »

Which pair of fashion sunglasses is cooler and what elements should I know about sunglasses?

Lady Gaga's sunglasses are really cool. In my opinion, you need to pay more attention to the lens rather the frame styles. There are many things you need to know before you choose a pair of sunglas... Read More »

Do you wear sunglasses What kind of sunglasses do you prefer, color, shape, style, brand or anything else?

the sqaure kind of type sorry cant get a pic but they are squre and look good on anybody every color looks cool so ya they are like the movie 3d glass also any thing thats diffrent i have sunglasse... Read More »

Where are Polaroid LCD TVs made?

Polaroid LCD TVs are currently manufactured in Taiwan and China. These manufacturer plants are contracted out by Polaroid at the cheapest rate possible in order to maintain the low prices the brand... Read More »