What are Pirani gauges used to measure?

Answer A Pirani gauge is a thermal conductivity gauge. It is used to measure the pressures in vacuum systems. The gauge must be calibrated for the gas being measured. Pirani gauges are inexpensive to buy,... Read More »

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What are Lesco spreader gauges used for?

The Lesco calibration gauge allows you to adjust the Lesco spreader settings by 1/32 of an inch. By turning the gauge, you can increase and decrease the rate at which the Lesco spreader dispenses s... Read More »

Can Two Different Speaker Gauges Be Used?

Yes. 16 ga is physically thicker and less resistance. It'll work.

What is ph paper used to measure?

Ph paper, also called litmus paper, measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. It is chemically coated paper that reacts to the solution. The change of color indicates the pH level of the s... Read More »

What is used on a map to measure distance?

A map’s scale measures distance by translating map imagery into real-world space. For example, one inch on the map may equal one mile in reality. The scale usually is presented as part of a legen... Read More »