What are PUP's How dangerous are they?

Answer As others have noted, PUPS are "Potentially Unwanted ProgramS".The Bearshare software itself is safe and will not harm your computer, but Bearshare is a P2P file sharing software that connects to t... Read More »

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What does everyone think about young males (aged 17-25) driving on our roads. are they really dangerous?

You want to know what I think, I think you just stereotyped.

Why do people buy motorcycles when they are so dangerous?

Why would anyone take a shower when they could slip and bust their head open? Why would anyone play golf when they could get hit in the temple by an errant tee shot? Why would anyone take their tra... Read More »

TRAIN STATIONS!!!! do you think they are very dangerous if you are their by yourself?

"Guardrail damage ahead" then they drop the speed limit by twenty k, is it really all that dangerous?

Now come on Reggie you know why babe,it's so we can sound like the robinsons and wave our hands around saying Guardrail damage Guardrail damage LOL Love you baby